Httpool partners with Twitter to bring Twitter Ads to Central and Eastern Europe

Httpool partners with Twitter to bring Twitter Ads to Central and Eastern Europe

Httpool partners with Twitter to bring Twitter Ads to Central and Eastern Europe 150 150 Digipool

Brands and marketing agencies can now work closely with a local team to make the most of their Twitter activity. Countries supported as part of this partnership include Austria, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Switzerland, and Ukraine.

Twitter is live, public, conversational, and widely distributed. The platform has more than 271 million active users and is used by brands worldwide to engage with existing customers and reach new audiences.

“With more than 500 million Tweets sent per day, Twitter is the home of conversations, with friends or someone you don’t know halfway around the world. It is where people go to discover what’s happening in their world and this makes Twitter a great place for brands to engage with their customers,” said Katie Lampe, Twitter’s head of sales operations EMEA. “Companies across Central and Eastern Europe are already using Twitter to listen to their customers and market themselves organically, so we are excited to partner with Httpool to help them use Twitter advertising to amplify these efforts.”

Three out of every five people on Twitter follow at least one brand.* And 76% of people on Twitter are also active on mobile, giving advertisers the perfect opportunity to catch people on the go, in a moment when their content is most relevant. In fact, one in three people who have visited a brand on Twitter go on to make a purchase from that brand.*

Twitter is unique because of it’s public, real-time nature. This makes it a great way for people to stay up to date on whatever they are interested in. Brands in Central and Eastern Europe now have an even better way to connect with current and potential customers around these interests, with the right message at the right moment. We are excited to be working with Twitter to bring its advertising products to our region and look forward to helping companies grow their communities, tell their story, increase loyalty, and ultimately increase referrals and sales,”  said Aljosa Jenko, Founder, and CEO of Httpool.

Httpool partners with Twitter to bring Twitter Ads to Central and Eastern Europe

The appointment of Httpool as Twitter’s direct sales partner gives brands access to the full line of products, services, and support available from Twitter.

Twitter has three main ad units:

  • Promoted Tweets– Promoted Tweets are regular Tweets but with the added benefit of reaching both current and potential followers who are likely to be interested in your account.
  • Promoted Accounts– Quickly build an active community of advocates and influencers that you can engage with on an ongoing basis.
  • Promoted Trends– Trends are popular topics happening right now, on Twitter. Because these Trends are placed prominently next to a user’s timeline, they get mass exposure.

Twitter also provides analytics for brands and agencies using its Ad Products to track Twitter Ads activity, learn more about customer behaviour and adjust campaigns to drive better results.

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*Based on Nielsen research of 1,400 Twitter UK users.

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