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Welcome to Digipool
For long, we have been the most silent digital advertising company to operate successfully since 2013. With most experience in the market and giants in our back we are here
to serve your needs.

Who we are

Digipool is a premium digital marketing collective in Kosovo. Operating until 2019 as Httpool Kosovo, we left the nest but we still call it a home and will always use the wisdom of the old pal. We blend traditional marketing practices with state of the art digital market methodologies in a changing landscape to achieve optimal results of visibility and sales conversion for out clients

We exclusively represent all Httpool proprietary technology and global representations blending it with local cooperation with most reputable portals and publishers in offering the best online advertising solution to our clients.We have a cross-channel approach therefore we offer the consultancy of your presence on social media, as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter; ad networks such as Google, AppNexus in the ever-developing environment and new emerging services.

Our Services

Digital Strategy - E - commerce

A series of actions that help you achieve your company goals through carefully selected online marketing channels. Use social media, digital content, search engines, and email campaigns to attract visitors and facilitate purchases

Business growth

Strategic approach to digital advertising with focus on ROI and crucial business objectives. By defining your objectives, we define digital strategies on how to achieve these objectives and set realistic and measurable goals in order to build a clear vision and clear measuring of our cooperation.

Local Publishers/Portals

We have been helping local and international companies to establish local presence through partnering with biggest local media and portals. Whether innovative banners or sponsored PR articles we can be your one stop shop for your
comprehensive digital presence.

Education Consulting

Make your presence in social media worthwhile by utilizing latest developments, professional appearance and sponsored advertising. In cases where you need your staff, or yourself to be self-sufficient for maintenance of digital presence you can either join one of our groups or request a special on the job training and consultancy for you and your staff.

Social Promotions and Global Ad Networks

Make your presence in social media and global ad networks worthwhile by utilizing latest developments, professional appearance and sponsored advertising. With official representation in Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Google and many more we are equipped with global knowledge for your local solution.

Comunications Design

A mixed discipline between design and information-development. Communicating your idea or message in a meaningful and easily understood manner is sometimes more important than the message itself!


Some of our campaigns

ZARA Campaign 2560 1440 Digipool

ZARA Campaign

Burger King Campaign 2154 1440 Digipool

Burger King Campaign

Redbull Campaign 2560 1440 Digipool

Redbull Campaign



Our Clients

Some of the clients that we worked with since 2013

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